About Us

I love my faith and love to share its beauty and richness with others.  I continually pray for the Lord’s guidance in my life and in my vocation.  Years ago I searched for fashionable faith jewelry and could not find what I was looking for.  Inspiration hit and I started to make the jewelry I wanted to wear.  Friends and strangers alike saw it and loved it.  Then something unexpected happened. Comments about style and design grew into conversations about faith. This happened with fellow Christians, both Catholics and non-Catholics alike, but more importantly with non-believers.  The conversations were amazing and now they have become the mission of the business – the sole reason we are in business.

And the name, Soul Sisters Creations?  We are all one family in Christ connected by our faith, our souls.  So when my daughter and I create the jewelry for women – our Sisters in Faith – we are missioning and ministering to others in the body of Christ. When guys joined the conversations, they started asking about items designed for them, so we added keyring chaplets and bracelets for men.

It is important for Soul Sisters Creations to give back.  The company currently supports Friends of Los Ninos (Honduran children’s charity) and NET Ministries (National Evangelization Teams) and has supported the Catholic Pro-Life Community (CPLC) of Dallas in past years.  So, as purchases are made, beautiful faith jewelry is worn, conversations are started and charities are supported.  Your purchases make an impact on these two organizations.

It is our prayer that jewelry from Soul Sisters Creations will encourage you to “start conversations about faith” with everyone you meet.

Thanks for visiting Soul Sisters Creations.